Fiction – #wankwednesday – Flame

This is my first ever attempt for the #wankwednesday link-up over at Word Ejaculation (so be gentle with me!). It seemed appropriate that wanking was involved for #wankwednesday…

This week’s prompt is Flame.


Maria showered after work. The sticky heat of that summer made showering twice a day a minimum. As she wrapped the towel around herself and went into the bedroom, she remembered the conversation with her colleague; “I don’t know how you can live in a basement apartment”, Anita had said, “I’d forever be worrying about who might be able to get in”.

Maria had brushed off the comments, it was something she preferred not to really think about. It was not like she had a choice – living in the city was expensive, she had to take what she could afford.

She made her way into the bedroom and dried herself absent-mindedly. As she wiped the towel over her breasts she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Almost from nowhere, she could feel desire building inside her. It surprised her completely, for it had been a long time since her libido had made an appearance.

She lit a candle on the bedside table, and busied herself with getting herself ready for her meeting’s the next day, laying out her clothes neatly on a chair. The sensation of being naked was by no means unknown to her, yet tonight something in the air made her aware of every step she took. As her thighs brushed together, she could feel tell-tale wetness seeping between her legs.

Sitting down on the bed, Maria had the strangest sensation that she was being watched. Glancing towards the window, everything seemed normal, yet she could still sense a presence. The thought did not frighten her, however, instead it only seemed to spur her on. She leant back and spread her legs, enjoying the brief rush of air on her moist pussy.

Closing her eyes, she started playing with her breasts, slowly circling the areola with her middle finger, and gently letting it brush her nipple. “Are you watching this?” she wondered silently to the presence outside her window, pinching her nipples harder now, as she imagined a mouth sucking on them.

As the throbbing between her legs became too much, she delved her hand into the sticky juices, bringing them back up to her mouth and tasting herself. Looking at the darkened window she felt the desire being reflected back, and with an urgency and passion she had not felt in a long time, Maria played and teased, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. With a final rub of her clit, she cried out and lay back, exhausted.

After a few minutes to calm herself, she got up, threw on a dressing gown, blew out the candle and went into the kitchen for a drink. The little moth that had been stuck at her window flew off as she extinguished the flame.


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