On Heat and Heat

I’ve never really realised how much the weather affects my moods until over the last couple of years. I don’t just mean light levels at the nights draw in, but also how my own levels of desire seem to be directly linked to warmth. Looking back at some of the stories I’ve written, it’s noticeable to me that a lot of them take place in the heat of a summer’s day. It’s easier that way – fewer clothes meaning more of a body on show, for starters. I guess it’s just not really considered sexy to be layered up in various jumpers, hoodies, pairs of socks etc. I’ve noted it as a challenge to myself to try and write a story based in cold climes! I’m thinking lots of open fires will be required!

In the meantime, I’ve taken a break from my tumblr, which was consuming me somewhat (although I had forgotten that these posts are set to automatically link there!). Maybe the lack of constant visual stimulation is also having an effect on my lack of muse? Whatever it is, I hope I don’t have to wait until next spring to be inspired again…