Everything in

Real Life Is

Only Serving

To Distract Me From My

Intentions of Posting More Regular

Content On This Blog.

A Tragedy. But True.


…or National Write Nothing Month….

(I’m putting this here because I know as soon as I say I’m NOT writing anything I’ll be inundated with ideas and inspiration. That’s just how my mind works.)

Will You Still Lust Me Tomorrow?

There comes a time in our lives when the realisation hits that we are no longer in the first bloom of youth. For some, it is earlier than for others. What happens to love and lust as we get older? Does our perception of what is attractive change? Does a winning smile take precedence over a rock-hard set of abs? Does a good sense of humour make up for drooping breasts? No longer does a penis stand as proud as it once did. No longer is a pussy pink and juicy.

Is love more important than lust as we get older?

Will you still need me,
Will you still feed me?
When I’m 64?

Is my journey to the dark side now complete?

I never intended to start a kinkyshoes blog.

Over a year since the tumblr and the twitter account, however, I’ve finally succumbed. Don’t ask me what changed, or why now – I’m not really sure myself. As with most of my decisions it was a pretty rash, spur-of-the-moment, badly thought out thing.

I guess there are always some things that need to be said in more than 140 characters, or that need more than a pretty picture. I’ve labelled it “Vanilla from the Ankles Up” – although I could just as well have labelled it Sex. Love. Killer Heels, as the sub-heading on my tumblr states – there’ll probably be some of all of those!

I’m not setting myself too many expectations – there might be some fiction, there might be some random wittering, but it’s likely to be pretty rambling and sporadic – I’m afraid that’s just how my mind works.