Fiction – Thursday Rendezvous

The text came at 9.30, just after she had got back from the school run.

My meeting’s been cancelled. Am in the area. You around?

Her heart leapt. Yes, she texted back, Need to go out again at 2.30, so any time before then.

She let him in wordlessly, and they padded to the kitchen, where she put the kettle on and he griped about his boss. They took their tea to the living room, and sat down on the sofa, their legs entwined in a position of ease that surprised her. Over the course of the next half an hour, they slowly sank further into the cushions, until they were lying next to each other. They laughed and joked about colleagues of his and acquaintances of hers, and she ran her fingers through the short hair at the nape of his neck.

His hand on her waist, he pushed her top up slowly, stroking the curve of her waist as they finally kissed. “I can’t. Not here.”, she said, trying to resist the electricity in his touch. His breathing grew heavier and he started to unbutton her top, and her resistance was half-hearted. The low-cut bra she was wearing made it easy for him to grasp her nipples between his fingers, and she moaned as he took one in his mouth. She tried not to think about his cock straining against the material of his trousers, but the feeling of it against her leg made it impossible. As he kissed and sucked, she closed her eyes and gave in to the sensations.

Moving his hand lower, he unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slipped his hand inside her soaking knickers.¬†She held her breath as he delved his middle finger into the wetness between her legs. The first touch made her shiver. “Lower”, she whispered, and he smiled, angling his finger into the exact position she demanded. He rubbed her clit, gently at first, then with more urgency in line with her breathing, dipping in and out of the wet juices of her entrance, parting her lips and exploring every inch.

In the end she was surprised by how quickly she came – she couldn’t recall the last time it had been this rapid, or this intense. As soon as the waves of pleasure subsided, she could feel the tears of guilt run down her face.