Is my journey to the dark side now complete?

I never intended to start a kinkyshoes blog.

Over a year since the tumblr and the twitter account, however, I’ve finally succumbed. Don’t ask me what changed, or why now – I’m not really sure myself. As with most of my decisions it was a pretty rash, spur-of-the-moment, badly thought out thing.

I guess there are always some things that need to be said in more than 140 characters, or that need more than a pretty picture. I’ve labelled it “Vanilla from the Ankles Up” – although I could just as well have labelled it Sex. Love. Killer Heels, as the sub-heading on my tumblr states – there’ll probably be some of all of those!

I’m not setting myself too many expectations – there might be some fiction, there might be some random wittering, but it’s likely to be pretty rambling and sporadic – I’m afraid that’s just how my mind works.