Sans Titre

I wish I had more time for smut

But my life is stuck in a rut

It does not help with my muse

Maybe I need new shoes?

Or just a good spank of my butt.


Kinky Shoes of the Week – Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum

It won’t have escaped any shoe lover’s notice that yesterday saw the opening of perhaps THE mecca for shoe fetishists ¬†over the next couple of months, namely the Christian Louboutin exhibition at London’s Design Museum

I especially love the warning stating that “Inside the exhibition the Hologram and the Fetish room contain images of partial nudity which may be unsuitable for some visitors. ”

Who’s coming with me?

Kinky Shoes of the Week- Office Kurly whirly multi snake pu

I am intrigued by the name of this week’s shoe, so I shall attempt to break it down as best I can:

– kurly whirly, yes, I see there is a whirl thing going on with the strap. Interesting spelling – rebellious, I get it.

– multi snake, also reasonably straightforward, different coloured snakeskin pattern, yes

-pu. This one has me stumped. Pu? Do they mean pooh? A favourite of those who have a prediliction for anal sex, maybe? Whatever it means, I hope you’ll agree they are a mighty fine sandal, which is why they are the kinky shoes seal of approval this week.