Initiation, Part 2

I know, I know…so much for getting this one finished quickly…sorry part 2 has taken so long, dreaded Real Life and all that…Anyone that missed part one



I blushed and slowly started unbuttoning my blouse to reveal the lace of my bra and the swell of my breasts. “Don’t stop”, she said, as I hesitated, and I meekly undid the rest of the buttons. “You have great tits”, she said admiringly, “I’d love to play with them”.  The reply almost sounded as if it was from someone else’s mouth; “Why don’t you?”. To say my stomach was doing somersaults really didn’t do it justice – I don’t think I’d ever felt the same mix of nervousness and arousal.

Sarah knelt on the floor in front of me and slowly cupped my left breast. A shiver went through me as she moved her thumb in slow circling movements over the delicate fabric of my bra. Her thumb found my nipple and her forefinger moved to meet it, squeezing my nipple between her digits. She looked at me questioningly. I bit my lip, silently signalling her to continue.

She slid down the fabric of my cup and toyed with the hard bud underneath, and I gasped as her skin met mine. It felt different to a man’s touch – softer, somehow – yet the effect was the same. As my breathing grew heavier, her touch grew more forceful. Suddenly, without waiting for an invitation, she leant over and took my nipple in her mouth, gently biting it with her teeth. Her tongue swirled around my nipple, and her hand exposed my right breast. Her mouth seemed to plant butterfly kisses all over my breasts , simultaneously sucking and licking. By this point my arousal was no longer hesitant- I was completely lost in the sensation. That it was a woman giving me this pleasure simply no longer seemed relevant.

I squirmed slightly as I felt a familiar and welcome moisture seeping into the sheer fabric of my knickers. As though sensing my thoughts, Sarah stopped with her attention on my exposed breasts, and moved her hands to my knees. She looked me deep in the eyes as she slowly moved my skirt up my legs towards my hips. She paused briefly before starting to  gently stroke the inside of my thigh. An involuntary cry escaped me as I willed her higher. She took her time, however, teasing me, stroking me, only causing the moistness between my legs to grow, until I wriggled so much that my skirt made its way up over my hips almost by itself. Thankful for the fact I had worn hold-ups that day, I parted my legs almost mechanically, and very gently and deliberately, she pushed my gusset to one side, exposing my wet juicy pussy to her view.

Even I could smell the warm, musky scent of my cunt – I couldn’t begin to imagine what it was doing to her as her face hovered closer. Sarah, however, was calm personified, and thoughtfully stroked my outer lips. I trembled and held my breath as her fingers pressed closer into my pussy, stroking my inner lips and circling my clit. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before – the strange familiarity of her touch, as though it was my own, mingled with the knowledge that it was a stranger’s, was driving me crazy.

When it seemed like I could barely contain my arousal, she leant forward and breathed the smallest of breaths on my swollen clit. The cooling breeze on my hot lips made me shiver involuntarily.

Sarah looked me in the eyes, arched an eyebrow and smirked as she took in my flushed cheeks, erect nipples and dripping cunt. Still wordless, she licked her lips, and bent forward to do the same to mine, running her tongue in a long, slow channel from my opening to my clit, where she lingered, gently swirling it in her mouth.

I couldn’t contain my moans any more now, and as her tongue continued to flick at my clit I grew more and more agitated, willing myself to orgasm with her face between my legs. Still licking with a steady rhythm, Sarah eased two fingers into my soaking pussy, thrusting and licking more skillfully than any man I had ever known, and I shuddered to a release right there on the toilet seat in the partner’s lavatories at work as a senior partner worked her magic.

Still wordless, Sarah waited for my shaking to subside, before moving up from between my legs and kissing me full on the mouth. The mixture of lipstick and my own juices was intoxicating, and from that moment on, I knew I was hooked.

Initiation, Part One

Microsoft Word tells me I’ve had this story sitting in my “Shoes” folder since I first started writing it on 26th March 2011. Since then, I’ve dipped in and out, and yet never quite managed to finish it. I’m hoping the fact that I’m publishing it here might spur me on to get parts two and three licked into shape!


I’d always been a man’s woman – straight down the line, no deviating. Quite frankly, there’s nothing absolutely no better feeling in the world than a thick, hard cock inside you, and for a long time nothing could convince me otherwise. Until, that is, I met Sarah.

I was a junior solicitor in the City law firm where she was one of the senior partners. To say Sarah was a force to be reckoned with was an understatement. She had more than held her own in a man’s world for nearly 20 years, and done so with gusto and aplomb. Her sexual appetite was legendary, yet despite this, she somehow never managed to fall into that female predicament of being labelled a slut and it harming her professional reputation.

I had scant dealings with her during my first three months at Walker and Richards, and had barely exchanged three words with her when I came across her in the corridor one day joking with a couple of junior partners. “The thing is, for you men it’s so much easier to have a crafty wank at work”, I heard her say. “Whip it out in the toilets, and Bob’s your uncle. We women have it so much harder – it’s hard to get comfortable, and frankly the mood lighting and soft music in these places really leave a lot to be desired.” At this point, she noticed me standing in the doorway, and winked. “Isn’t that right, Edwards?”.

I blushed a deep red and stammered “Err…I suppose so…” I knew I had to recover my composure fast; weakness would not get me anywhere. “Mind you”, I therefore carried on, emboldened by the glint in her eye, “the toilets here are probably better than in most places from that point of view. Better privacy.” Sarah laughed, and said, with surprise in her voice; “quite right, Edwards, quite right…maybe we should try it out together sometime. Test the facilities, so to speak?” I smiled – her mocking tone was infectious – “Why not?” I smirked, staring her straight in the eye whilst trying hard to conceal the butterflies that were going crazy in my stomach. “Well,” she responded, “there’s no time like the present”. With that, she hooked her arm in mine, and excused us both from the open-mouthed men.

As we marched purposefully down the corridor laughing in a sense of female solidarity, she turned to me and whispered “So – what do you reckon? Up for it?” At this point my father’s warning words never to get involved with anyone from work flashed through my head. I was sure he had middle-aged, cigar-toting brutes in mind when he made that warning – but probably never a woman?! There was no denying it, however, she already had me under some kind of spell, and without even thinking, I shot back; “Like I said – why not?”

“I was hoping you would say that” she smiled, and steered me towards the lift. Neither of us said a word as we went up to the senior partner’s floor, and walked towards the ladies’ toilets there. As one of the few women in that position, these were effectively her private facilities. She stopped to check her makeup in the mirror, then turned to me and gestured towards the cubicle; “Ladies first”.

I was too far in at this point; if this was some kind of strange initiation ceremony, I had to go through with it. There was definitely no backing down. Besides, despite my common-sense screaming at me, I was curious. And wet, soaking wet. I hesitated briefly, before going into the cubicle, shutting the toilet lid and siting down. Sarah squeezed in behind me and locked the door. She looked at me expectantly, but said nothing.


To Be Continued